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Titan Army, we want YOU to vote on our next cover (don't worry we are still writing music and dropping original songs too)! Any Patreon supporter can vote now. We'll pick the winner at the end of the week. Queen? Aerosmith? The Beatles? Aretha Franklin? You decide right here!

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Happy Holidays everyone! We're excited "You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch" is making more and more new fans everyday! We're an independent rock band and we always put our fans first! Every like, comment, or message you get from us is from one of the band members. With that being said, we're giving away free signed CDs for the holidays, and yes, The Grinch is on them! Check it out here! - Phil, Ben, and Jonny

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Here's Titan Army member of the week Chris Helfrick!

Here's Titan Army member of the week Chris Helfrick!

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